The Truth

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Some of you clicked to see if this was a confession... It's okay I would've clicked for a bit of gossip myself once upon a time. The truth, aside from being a juicy title for a blog, can be one of several things that we should consider the criteria for a supposition. Many of you have heard me say "it is what we make of it." but to be fair that is only the truth where the lack of an ultimate truth happens to be standing.

Yes it's one of those blogs.

Things to remember about social media

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I've been on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkdin, etc for a few years now and have tried many approaches to creating and using engaging content. I've had some big successes and some massive failures, but to date the information that I've come to think of as invaluable hasn't changed much. A few tips from an experienced doer of stuff.

1. Ask yourself if someone who doesn't know you would respond to your tweet or post differently than someone who does.
Often the best posts in your mind will leave others wondering what the hell you are talking about.

AntiX Linux on older (ancient) hardware

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