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Another 3+ Billion Dollars Lost To Politics

While we aren't hearing much about it due to our media...

Intel and AMD will not be on Russia's menu of processor choices any longer. This news has been reported sporadically since June. It is certainly worth mentioning that this means that over 3 Billion dollars that would have become U.S. dollars are now going to belong to TPlatforms. Their first products will be Baikal M and M/S chips, designed on the basis of 64-bit nucleus Cortex A-57 made by UK company ARM, with frequency of 2 gigahertz for personal computers and micro servers. The awesome ARM Cortex-A57.

It is an 8 core arm based microprocessor... And it is amazing.



What we can learn from games like Sauerbraten

Similar to the classic old school shooters like Doom, Sauerbraten manages to stay on our list of favorite games.

Click the Cube 2 logo to go get the game for free.



The wow factor in your presentation

To step up your live presentation, we have a few suggestions that are absolutely worth considering.

Many of us have connected our laptops to a projector to run a slide for slide presentation, but have you ever considered doing it from your tablet?

If you are like most of us you probably would imagine a scenario where the tablet then had to hold the presentation material. This isn't quite what we mean. Did you know that you can use your tablet to control your laptop screen? Now you can easily pull up slides with answers to questions from your audience.

The apps that do it right...


The open source challenge

Because your business should have something to prove to itself.

The challenge, add or convert at least 3 of the projects on your schedule to include the use of only open source software.

The reasons:

  • Purchasing less software means lower operating costs
  • Customer/Client platform inclusion
  • Design creativity
  • Team flexibility

Open source software initiatives allow the creation of new products, services, and innovative new techniques that can bring your team away from tired and stagnant approaches to problem solving. The future of commercial software depends just as much on new open source solutions as it does on customers.


The Zealots Guide To Computer Security

From the author of 18 books comes this detailed guide to network security and focuses on the countermeasures to exploitative hacking. Whether you use Windows, Mac, Linux, or even Solaris type Unix systems the information contained in this book is absolutely relevant to operating a business with any online presence.

Some of the topics in the book include:
Packet Definitions



Weightlifters Log

From the author of 18 books comes this power packed guide to developing a weightlifting routine.

Forget fad diets and countless hours of cardio, this book will teach you how to develop your own system and log the results in ways that keep you pushing for the next goal.

Proponents of these types of workouts include everyone from fitness instructors to professional athletes. "Your results will vary as you overdo it, as they should. Once you learn how to find the right balance and not overdo it, you have the right idea." ~ B.Taylor Available on Kindle or Paperback here:

Social Media


Linkdin i.e. the premier professional gathering place in a bold move aquired

So I decided to do some digging.

After a thorough probing of my contacts lists, (which in this case I allowed) I was directed to select my url and optionally a nickname. I am reluctant to choose one at present however, because of the many that have stuck over the years. Of those only a few would be appropriate, and they didn't seem to meet the "nickname criteria." This left me feeling slightly dejected until I realized that I could choose this later.



You work for you

Hello reader,

In my last post on the subject of philosophy I was talking about rebuilding the website and I find myself thinking in terms you may consider unusual. I figure I must indeed raise the amount that I owe myself now, for my work has improved.

How does that work?

Let's say you keep at your discipline, and in fact you have mastered something of value. Does that deserve attention? Of course it does, we are living in a world of possibilities where what we deserve is knowable to us by our belief in what we deserve. Of course we all deserve to win the lottery as much as be hit by falling branches, but where do you wish to focus?

If you sit and contemplate the path of your life, and you desire satisfaction, you must of course focus on what you wish to enjoy.

Equally true that our wants might cause us to suffer if we put too much focus upon them. So yes there is a middle way that entails you keeping things in perspective. You should want whatever wonderful experiences life can give you.